Fiorina’s #Domaingate Claims Another Victim…Guess Who?

carly fiorina

Carly Fiorina clearly doesn’t back down from a challenge, and apparently, she can take a joke too. The GOP presidential underdog has faced criticism for not securing all the variations of her name domain online.

The Wall Street Journal explains:

The issue of her business record has dogged Ms. Fiorina in recent months. The domain was created by an unknown person to criticize her record at HP. The site contains 30,000 frowning faces, one for each person laid off under her tenure.

In an attempt to make light of the situation, Fiorina has begun securing the “.org” web domains of the reporters who keep making it an issue during their interviews. After she secures the “.org” website, she redirects visitors to her presidential campaign site.

The latest addition to the list? Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd. Other additions include Late Night host and former Saturday Night Live cast favorite, Seth Meyers.

Check it out for yourself: