Guess What Bill Nye The Science Guy Ranted About During a Graduation Speech?

Bill Nye
Bill Nye

While some commencement keynote speakers use the podium to give young adults life advice, Bill Nye the Science Guy used his time at Rutgers University to give a political sermon on climate change. reports: 

Graduation day at Rutgers University is a chance for students to relax after four years of college and celebrate with family and friends before entering the real world. Or, when Bill Nye is the keynote speaker, it’s a reminder that the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is rising and its future may be a “no-way-out overheated globe.”

Nye, the bow-tied host of “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” used his speech at Rutgers’ commencement Sunday as a platform to tell students they must find a way to stop climate change.

… Nye urged students to challenge those who dismiss climate change. The scientific consensus on climate change is as strong as the consensus that smoking causes cancer, he said. “Climate change is a real deal,” he said. “So, hey deniers — cut it out, and let’s get to work.”

There are conflicting opinions among scientists as to whether or not climate change is real. In the meantime, progressives have used the debate as a political tool to socially engineer American businesses and families towards “green energy” products and away from coal, oil, and natural gas.

The climate change debate isn’t about carbon footprints, it’s about control over the energy sector, and progressives will destroy anything – including jobs and small businesses – that stands in the face of their energy takeover.