Guess What the EPA Is Coming After Next

EPA sign
EPA sign

Your nail salon could be dangerous, says the EPA.

According to the National Journal, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will be visiting San Francisco to meet:

“with a local nail salon owner along with members of the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative, which is a coalition of salon workers, environmental groups, nonprofits, and government agencies.”

Yes, apparently, that is a real thing.  So what’s the environmental hazard threatening employees and customers?

The NJ explains: 

Nail polish and other products found in salons contain an array of chemicals that may pose a threat to public health and the environment. Without proper handling, exposure to chemicals such as formaldehyde can lead to difficulty breathing, skin irritation and other health problems.

The EPA already has put together a federal working group and doled out grants to organizations tackling the industry’s public health and environmental impact created by the use of chemicals in nail salons, McCarthy noted.

Something tells me the EPA is fishing for a reason to get their freshly manicured hands on the nail salon industry. Whatever comes out of this visit, there is no doubt that new EPA regulations would put a costly and intrusive burden on local businesses.


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