Guess Who’s Crashing the McDonald’s Shareholder Meeting?

McDonalds protest
McDonalds protest

While McDonald’s works to figure out why business is slowing, their “Fight for 15” employee activists are planning what is predicted to be their biggest protest to-date.

The Guardian reports:

McDonald’s workers will gatecrash the burger company’s shareholder meeting later this month with “the biggest ever protest” demanding an end to “poverty wages” paid to many of its 420,000 staff.

As the company announced plans to turn around its ailing business, Fight for $15, a union-backed protest group, set out plans for a day of protest at the company’s Chicago headquarters.

After a string of protests nationwide last month, McDonald’s announced a wage increase to $9.90, however, the protesters say it’s not enough. Here’s the problem- a move to $15 will raise the costs of labor, creating an incentive for McDonald’s to let employees go, raise prices, or even invest in automation to lower the costs of labor.

Like most progressive policies, the unintended consequences of a $15 wage will end up outweighing the benefits in the long-run, and hurt the very people the movement was created to protect.