Lunch Break Read: Obama Blames GOP For Baltimore Unrest

baltimore police
baltimore police

While you’re taking a lunch break today, be sure to check out Dan Bongino’s new commentary on, a former Secret Service agent and liberty rock star.

Here’s a quick preview:

Our “Blamer-In-Chief,” President Obama, is at it again. Despite the fact that the city of Baltimore has been run exclusively by Democrats for decades (Baltimore has not elected a GOP mayor since 1963 and hasn’t elected a Republican city councilman since 1939), Obama is blaming Republicans for the urban chaos – again showing that there is no limit to his penchant for division.

The problem with President Obama’s faux-leadership style is not the blame part, it’s the part where he disingenuously blames anyone who stands in opposition to his disastrous far-left agenda while deflecting any blame towards the policies he supports. Seeking blame in the middle of a crisis, such as the ongoing unrest in Baltimore, is not productive for ending the crisis but if done responsibly, it is necessary to prevent the outbreak of another crisis. The civil unrest in the city of Baltimore is another opportunity for us to diagnose what led to this moment and to mitigate these contributing factors in the future.

In Obama’s April 28th, 2015 press conference while discussing the Baltimore chaos, he said, “There’s a bunch of my agenda that would make a difference right now in that.” While extolling the virtues of his agenda he also took the opportunity, as he typically does, to take a shot at Republicans when he said, “I’m under no illusion that under this Congress we’re going to get massive investment in urban communities.” He ended by claiming that “broader social issues” were the root cause of the disorder and not “law and order.”

Every time I think I have reached my disappointment limit with this failed president he manages to surpass that limit.

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