Lunch Break Read: The Petty Tyranny of the FDA

FDA building
FDA building

Grab your sandwiches and check out this post by Reason magazine senior editor Peter Suderman, called, The Coming Trans Fat Ban and the Petty Tyranny of the FDA. The agency is planning to ban trans fats, after ironically enforcing policies that once incentivized using them.

Here is a quick preview:

Don’t get too attached to your movie-theater popcorn, folks: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to release a final ruling that “all but” bans trans fats any time now, reports Politico.

There may be some limited exceptions, and “naturally occurring” trans fats from meat or dairy products won’t be targeted, but food companies are generally expecting that the FDA’s rule will leave them little room to use trans fats in their products.

So if you like donuts, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, or canned cinnamon rolls—which taste surprisingly delicious when dropped into a deep fryer—get ready for a mouthful of disappointment.

Read the rest at here. 


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