More Trouble in Ferguson?

Michael Brown
Michael Brown

More trouble in Ferguson, MO? A key witness in the Michael Brown shooting was arrested with his brothers, after police thought they saw a “bulge” under one of their clothes (indicating a possible weapon).

Mediaite reports:

Johnson, who was with Brown after he robbed a store and was subsequently shot and killed by a police officer, was allegedly carrying a “cough medication mixed with what police believe to be an illegal narcotic on him” and tried to stop the police from arresting his brothers, one of whom had an arrest warrant out for him in connection to an armed robbery and armed criminal action in a nearby town. All three were charged with resisting arrest.

St. Louis police did not officially give out Johnson’s name in the arrest report, but a source confirmed that Johnson was involved in the arrest.

A St. Louis police source told reporters that Johnson “has been arrested on suspicion of drug charges and resisting arrest.”