The Clintons Got $500k While Students Got Tuition Hikes at This University

hillary clinton email

Rule number one of begging for money: Don’t let the people you’re begging see you spending a lot of money on celebrities.

Campus Reform reports:

While Arizona State University has almost doubled its tuition over the past 10 years amid claims that it needs more state money, the school somehow had the funds to give half a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

According to The Arizona Republic, the public university paid $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation to host the former president-Bill Clinton; former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; and their daughter, Chelsea, during a Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) event in 2014. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill’s wife, is the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential race.

…“In this regard ASU seems to hold themselves accountable to their own pet projects, as opposed to ASU students,” Richard Moorehead, a senior history major at ASU, told Campus Reform. “The money they wasted on the Clinton Foundation event could have been used for scholarships and genuine education.”

“I realize bringing high-profile speakers can raise the profile of the university, but no speaker’s time is worth $500,000, especially if that money is funneled into a presidential campaign,” Moorhead said. He did not attend the CGI U event.

ASU has yet to disclose where the $500,000 came from, though they deny  it was from public funds.