You Won’t Believe How One Woman Paid for a Harvard Degree

Harvard University logo
Harvard University logo

Tonika Morgan overcame a childhood of homelessness and under-education, defying the odds and earning a college degree from a respected Canadian university. As if that accomplishment wasn’t extraordinary enough, Morgan set her sights on a coveted Harvard University master’s degree.

Just one hiccup: she didn’t have the money to pay for it, and she didn’t qualify for financial aid.

According to AOL News:

Morgan built herself a crowdfunding page on the popular site GoFundMe, hoping that the generosity of others could help her reach her goal. After local media publicized the page last week, nearly $93,000 dollars has been fundraised.

But Tonika Morgan knows that being able to go to her Harvard is not without the help of others who are helping her fulfill a dream of a lifetime.

“I have to say that this has been quite emotional for me. I have shared hugs, tears of joy and laughter with the beautiful souls who have noticed me on the street. I’ve never felt more supported and connected to anyone the way I have felt since this campaign started.”

As believers in freedom, we have a responsibility to care for the community around us. It’s great to see a success story involving private charity and the kindness of everyday individuals, rather than cries for more government.