You Won’t Believe What the IRS Said About ObamaCare

IRS Building in Washington, DC

According to an inspector general report, the IRS actually admitted that they are not capable of enforcing ObamaCare this tax season.

The Washington Times reports:

 The IRS cannot be sure that Americans who lacked health insurance last year have complied with Obamacare’s “individual mandate” penalty this tax season, according to an inspector general report Friday that pointed to a decision to delay proof-of-coverage forms from insurers and employers until 2016.

Agency managers told the Treasury’s Inspector General for Tax Administration that a “business decision was made to not develop processes and procedures” to ensure compliance after it decided in 2013 to delay the pair of forms. The documents are sent to both filers and the IRS, allowing the federal government to cross-check what filers say on their returns.

The individual mandate “tax” is, of course, the cornerstone of the law and was created to ensure that Americans participate in government-run health care.

It’s no surprise that the IRS is fumbling on enforcing the President’s health care law. This is further evidence that just because the federal government says “there should be a law,” doesn’t mean that they can enforce it well, or even at all.