According to this Fed, You’re “Not Normal” if You Question Climate Change

gina mccarthy

Democrats have a way of distracting from real policy debates by shifting attention to their opponents. Looks like EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is taking a page from the Saul Alinksy playbook this week.

The Daily Caller reports:

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told an audience Tuesday gathered at a White House conference “normal people,” not “climate deniers” will win the debate on global warming.


McCarthy’s remarks came as she was talking about the reasons why the EPA put out a report on the negative health impacts global warming will have on public health. She said the agency puts out such reports to educate the public, not answer critiques from global warming skeptics.

“I am doing that not to push back on climate deniers,” McCarthy told doctors, health professionals and others gathered at a White House summit. “You can have fun doing that if you want, but I’ve batted my head against the wall too many times and if the science already hasn’t changed their mind it never will.”

This is a classic Democrat argument. If you can’t win the message, attack the messenger’s character instead.

I’d like to hear McCarthy talk about the families who can’t afford higher energy prices, or coal miners standing on the unemployment line because policies to combat “climate change” have put them out of business.