Police Raided This Woman’s Home 5 Times in the Last 10 Months

baltimore police
baltimore police

When one woman moved into a house in Minneapolis with her daughter, they got an extra surprise that wasn’t listed on the disclosure form.

Fox News reports:

A Minneapolis woman has accused the local police of raiding her home five times in the past 10 months looking for a fugitive who doesn’t live there. Michelle Voeller told WCCO-TV the other day that she and her daughter have nothing to do with the missing man. She said that hasn’t stopped police from pounding on their door late at night to look for “Mr. Roach.”

“We stood here and they’re pounding and they said, ‘Open up. It’s the New Brighton Police. We know you’re in there,’” Voeller said. She said the police raids have occurred every few weeks since they moved in last August. The last raid was May 29 at 4 a.m. She said when she heard the police knocking, she just looked at her daughter.

“I just said to her, ‘Oh my gosh, when is this going to end?’” Voeller told the station.

Voeller told CBS News, “I moved here because I did my research and I felt safe, but I don’t feel safe anymore.”

The family is thinking about moving if the harassment continues.