While North Korea Starves, Kim Jong-Un Pretends to Be a Doctor

kim jong un

Kim Jong-Un uses state-run propaganda to pretend to be many things, including a mountain climber, a musician, an accomplished athlete, and now a miracle doctor.

The Mirror reports:

Kim Jong-un claims to have succeeded where the greatest minds in science have failed… by producing a single drug which can prevent and cure Aids, Ebola, Sars and Mers. North Korea is currently suffering from one of the worst droughts in its history while still pursuing a nuclear programme.

The official Korean Central News Agency said the portly despot’s scientists developed miracle drug Kumdang-2 from ginseng and other ingredients – without saying which. North Korea claimed the same drug cured deadly bird flu outbreaks in 2006 and 2013.

… North Korea is currently suffering from it’s worst drought in over a century, leading some commentators to believe the science announcement was meant to divert attention from the problem in a country highly dependent on agriculture.

Thirty percent of its rice paddies have dried up, and the UN has warned that the food supply could be seriously affected.

The absurd propaganda pictures alone are worth going to The Mirror to learn more.