Say What? Successful Blacks Promote White Supremacy

Did you know that successful blacks promote white supremacy?

That’s what University of Colorado Colorado Springs associate professor Stephany Rose thinks and she cited black celebrity Stacey Dash as an example.

The Daily Caller reports:

An associate professor of women’s and ethnic studies at University of Colorado Colorado Springs stated in a radio interview that certain African Americans and black celebrities, such as Stacey Dash, are proliferating “white supremacy” by just being successful.


“When you come across these individuals like a Stacey Dash,” Rose said, “There is this idea that they buy into the mythology of merit, and meritocracy, and the American dream is available to any and everyone one as long as you work hard.”

I totally agree with my Fox News colleague Stacey Dash that in America, hard work will bring success regardless of skin color or economic background.