TPA Ripple Effect: Obama Pushes Climate Change Agenda

Check out my latest commentary on Conservative Review, titled: “TPA Ripple Effect: Obama Pushes Climate Change Agenda.”

Here’s a quick preview:

With the recent legislative victory regarding Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the Supreme Court saving Obamacare, President Obama has the political wind at his back as he finalizes his climate change agenda.

Disappointingly, instead of reducing his power, the Republican-led Congress boosted Obama’s influence by going out of its way to give him fast-track trade authority. In all likelihood, Obama will embarrass Republicans by finding a way to use TPA to advance his climate change goals.

With the failure of two branches of government who are unwilling to stop or even restrain the executive branch, Americans have been abandoned by the very institutions established by the Constitution to protect their liberty. Americans are now powerless as Obama sets in motion his climate change plan as his final act to fundamentally transform America. In recent weeks, the Obama administration issued proposed regulations targeting greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector in both land and in the air.

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