Guess What Reality Show Celebrity-In-Chief Obama is going to Appear On?


It’s no secret that President Obama is more concerned with his pop culture image than his political one. He hangs out with music celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z, has broken double digits in late night show appearances, and grants interviews to YouTube stars while restricting access from mainstream outlets like Fox News.

Some say this activity is a distraction and traditionally beneath the dignity of the Oval Office. But appearing on reality television is about to take it to a whole other level.

Politico reports:

The president is meeting up with Bear Grylls, host of the NBC show “Running Wild,” a show about surviving in nature.

“President Obama will meet with Grylls while visiting Alaska to observe the effects of climate change on the area. The two will then come together in the Alaskan Wilderness. President Obama will become the first U.S. president to receive a crash course in survival techniques from Bear Grylls. The visit will be taped and aired on NBC later this year,” NBC said in an announcement.

Seriously? There has to be something more valuable for Barack Obama to do with his time. We are over $18.3 trillion in national debt, not including unfunded liabilities. Restricting abuses of power in the executive branch has become a joke. The Department of Veterans Affairs is in distress, and small businesses are choking under the weight of tax and regulatory burdens.

Maybe he can give some thought to those challenges during the commercial break.