Is Joe Biden the Democrat’s Best Chance at the White House?

Joe Biden

Is Joe Biden running for president? Now that Hillary Clinton can’t seem to go a week without some sort of gaffe or scandal, Democrats have started taking the Vice President’s potential run a lot more seriously.

The Financial Times reports:

With concerns about Mrs Clinton’s falling poll numbers mounting by the day, some senior Democrats believe that now is the time for him to become Plan A, and are clamouring for him to jump into the race.

Mr Biden, 72, twice a presidential aspirant, has never ruled out a 2016 campaign. While he continues to keep his options open, he has built no formal campaign apparatus, and his staff has remained tight-lipped about his intentions.

…Mrs Clinton’s gaffes on the campaign trail have alarmed many big-ticket donors and even some of her own allies, who fret that she has failed to learn the lessons of 2008 when she lost her party’s nomination to Barack Obama.

The fact that Democrats are even considering putting Biden on the ticket again is proof that they have lost faith in Hillary Clinton, and are out of ideas. The Obama White House was nothing but broken promises and policy failures, and a Biden ticket would be asking disillusioned Democrat voters to sign up, once again, for more of the same.

It is being reported that Biden will “more likely than not” put his hat into the ring, though he has some catching up to do in the polls. The latest Quinnipiac poll has Clinton ahead by a long shot at 55%, while Bernie Sanders trails at 17% and Biden sits at 13%.