There’s a New Top 3 in the GOP Primary Polls

carly fiorina

National polling saw a shake-up following the first GOP presidential debate hosted by Fox News last week, but the results might surprise you. The new third place contender among “likely Republican primary voters” wasn’t even on the stage during the prime time debate!

The Washington Examiner reports:

Rasmussen Reports said that Trump remains the leader of the GOP pack, but his support has fallen by more than a third over the past week-and-a-half. Fiorina, on the back of her strong “happy hour” pre-debate last week, has surged to near the top. She is third in the new poll at 9 percent, even with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and virtually tied with Bush and just behind Florida Sen. Marco Rubio who are slightly ahead at 10 percent.

From Rasmussen: The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Trump with 17% support among “Likely Republican Primary Voters,” down from 26% in late July before the first GOP debate. Rubio [and Bush] are in second place with 10% support, followed closely by Fiorina and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker each with nine percent (9%) of the likely primary vote.

Members of the press immediately highlighted Fiorina’s debate performance as a stand-out last week, and her campaign reported a surge in financial support in the days following the debate. However, this is the first set of polling numbers that also has Donald Trump dropping in the polls as Fiorina slowly closes the gap.

If these trends continue, it will be no surprise to see Carly Fiorina sharing the main stage with the heavy hitters when the lights come on for the second GOP debate.