You Will Never Guess Who Is Responsible For Spilling Toxic Waste Into Colorado River

This is rich!

The Environmental Protection Agency just added to their long list of failures.

The agency is known to manipulate data, coordinate its agenda with radical environmentalists and now it’s responsible for polluting the Animas River in Colorado.

The Daily Beast reports:

In a wildly ironic—and tragic—case of “with friends like these,” members of the Environmental Protection Agency looking into pollutants at an abandoned mine in southwestern Colorado accidently unleashed around a million gallons of polluted water with their heavy machinery on Thursday. Rushing into the pristine Animas River, the water immediately turned a brilliant yellow-orange from the heavy metals contained in the waste, which include zinc, iron, copper, and more.

More than 70 miles of river have been closed, stretching all the way to New Mexico, and the city of Durango has issued warnings to curtail water use and irrigation.