You Will Not Believe Why These Veterans Were Ignored at a VA Hospital

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Veterans in Memphis were abandoned in a VA facility with no immediate medical attendants. The reason: a staff meeting.

Seriously? Come on, man.

Fox News reports:

Video footage allegedly showing veterans — many of whom are quadriplegics or paraplegics — being left unattended at a Memphis Veterans Affairs hospital during staff meetings is reviving concerns about how VA hospitals treat American servicemembers.

The videos, first reported by Communities Digital News (CDN) and said to be filmed at the Memphis VA Medical Center, show patients being left alone for about 30-45 minutes each evening during a staff meeting attended by all hospital staff, whistleblower and former Memphis VA employee Sean Higgins told

… Another video also shows the ward during a staff meeting, apparently empty, with the patient saying: “Once again, we’re left to the wolves.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs claims to have improved its overall care for veterans following last year’s scandal, but clearly, patients at a local level aren’t buying it.

And perhaps for good reason:

Pete Hegseth, of Concerned Veterans for America, told Fox News regarding the videos, “The Memphis hospital has been cited for some of the longest wait times, poor care, and yet administrators have continued to receive bonuses.”

While veterans in Memphis continue to wait for their care, we will continue to wait and see what government is going to do to fix this mess and hold people abusing the system accountable.