Hypocrite: This EPA Official Flew Home Almost Every Weekend


While the EPA lectures Volkswagen on playing by the rules when it comes to limiting their carbon footprint, some of their officials are failing to practice what they preach. Forget cars- one EPA official has been taking planes home almost every weekend on the taxpayer dime.

Fox News reports:

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official flew nearly every weekend from his office in San Francisco to his home in southern California, amassing $69,000 in “excessive trips,” according to the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

A new audit found that the former Region 9 Administrator also charged taxpayers nearly $4,000 for ineligible travel costs, as the official made 88 trips that he said were work related in just three years.

…The official also claimed meal and mileage expenses while he was home.

I wonder what he has been doing to offset all those emissions….

It is almost comical how hypocritical it is for an EPA official to spend his days lecturing others and using regulatory means to coerce American taxpayers into shrinking their carbon footprints, while simultaneously jet-setting around the state of California with their money.

This employee should be fired and forced to pay back every dollar he misspent.

The Washington Free Beacon did a deeper dive into the details of the misused funds, which you can read here.