Latest White House Threat Exposes McConnell Appeasement Strategy

Senator Mitch McConnel (R-KY) photographed at the Capitol on December 2, 2008. Photograph by Karen Ballard

It was not suppose to be this way.

Having control of Congress should have made President Obama a lame duck but the incompetence of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has given Obama unlimited power.

With McConnell taking a government shut down off the table while he runs the Senate, Obama – like a schoolyard bully – keeps taking McConnell’s lunch money.

Now Roll Call reports Obama will only sign a budget deal that spends more money.

President Barack Obama will not agree to a budget deal unless Republicans agree to spend more money, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest reiterated Tuesday.

With a government shutdown fight weeks away, the White House again is warning Republicans that a long-term budget agreement must lift spending caps for domestic spending set in 2011.

Earnest was challenged whether the president is willing to shut down the government for more money. The answer appears to be yes.

Earnest added that he’s not sure Republicans would actually be able to put a long-term bill keeping the caps on the president’s desk. That means the president’s veto pen wouldn’t need to come into play.

Appeasement never works and Congress’ failure to check Obama’s power is allowing the president to run the country like a dictator.

Standing up to bullies is unpleasant and often painful but that’s the only way to stop aggression. It’s extremely unfortunate for all of us that McConnell is not up to the task.