Lunch Break Read: Top 10 Times Boehner Massively Caved

John Boehner

While you’re taking a lunch break today, be sure to check out this post on Conservative Review that commemorates the Top Ten times John Boehner caved on policy fights with the Democrats.

Here’s a quick preview:

Boehner’s stepping down symbolizes a tremendous victory for conservatives everywhere. While Boehner alleges he was always intending to leave after two terms, it’s no surprise his record of capitulation played a part in this decision.

Here are the Top 10 times John Boehner massively caved:

1.) Boehner pushed through the budget busting Ryan-Murray budget deal which ended the mandatory spending cuts of the sequester. In order to make it happen, he violated a central promise of the 2010 election cycle, that he would allow three days for people to read legislation before the vote. The budget was released and voted on in about 36 hours.

2.) Throughout 2015, Boehner blocked religious liberty legislation from coming to the floor of the House in an effort to avoid confrontation with the President. (Conservative Review)

3.) In 2015, Boehner pushed through Trade Promotion Authority legislation for the Trans Pacific Partnership. Given this president’s penchant for implementing major policies without Congress, there is a widespread fear that Obama would use these trade agreements to pursue liberal policies, such as changes to our immigration system, labor laws, and global warming regulations.

And those are only the first three!

Read the rest at Conservative Review here.