NBC Says: Jill Biden is “Ready for Joe”

Joe Biden

It has been reported that Joe Biden will let voters know whether or not he is making a presidential bid by October 1. While some (including Biden himself) aren’t sure if he is in the right emotional state for a campaign following the tragic death of his son, NBC sources say his wife Jill Biden begs to differ.

NBC News reports:

Contrary to reports suggesting Vice President Joe Biden’s wife remains an obstacle to his potential presidential run, sources tell NBC News that Jill Biden is fully behind him for another bid. Jill Biden, sources tell NBC’s Chuck Todd, is 100 percent on-board with a presidential run, despite reports indicating her hesitation is part of what’s keeping Biden from jumping into the race.

And that looks more likely by the day, as sources have indicated Biden’s been meeting with Democratic leaders during his travels around the nation over the past week to tell them he wants to do it and thinks there’s room for him to make a credible bid if he does.

As of today, the Real Clear Politics national polling average shows Biden in second place for the Democratic nomination with 20% to Hillary Clinton’s 43.3%, and that’s without even announcing a formal run. Bernie Sanders is in second place with 23.8%.