This Burger Joint Won’t Serve the Police



Tensions continue to increase between citizens and law enforcement across the country, the most recent example happening in a north Texas Whataburger.

CBS DFW reports:

Officer Cameron Beckham and reserve deputy Michael Magovern were set to work overnight traffic security at a construction area along Stemmons Freeway. But prior to the start of their shift, they stopped by a Whataburger location in Lewisville for a bite to eat. The visit did not turn out so well.

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According to the officers, workers at the restaurant denied them service. An employee told the men, “We don’t serve police.”

… Whataburger responded to the situation Tuesday night on Twitter, calling the restaurant’s actions “completely unacceptable” and promising to “address this as soon as possible.”

Here is a copy of the tweet:

Denying service and using divisive tactics to shut down debate won’t improve relations with the police. They will just make things worse. Fortunately, Whataburger issued a swift apology and did not let the ignorance and intolerance of one individual reflect the character of their entire brand.


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