This PA Officer is On Payroll, But Hasn’t Worked Since 1993


One Pennsylvania police officer has been getting paid over $70,000 a year, though she hasn’t put in a day of work since 1993.

AOL News reports:

Maritta Adley, 57, has not worked a day with the Harrisburg Police Bureau since 1993. However, she is not a former employee. She is still on the city’s payroll under its workers’ compensation program, and has been for 22 years. City officials were made aware of the ghost employee when they took office in 2014. City Solicitor Neil Grover says officials are currently working to figure out their options.

What happened to Mrs. Adley, you may ask?

Adley injured her foot in 1986 when she slipped on a staircase in city hall and fell down a flight of steps, Pennlive reports. Her injury worsened and never fully healed. She told Pennlive other serious medical complications arose as a result of the injury. She eventually returned to work on light duty but was unable to continue, Pennlive reports.

Seems a little excessive. Then again, I’m not a Harrisburg taxpayer…..