Where Do Conservative Schools Rank on the White House “College Scorecard?”

michelle obama

This may come as a shock, BUT- conservative colleges do not fare well on the Obama College Scorecard. Where do they rank? Nowhere to be found, actually.

As I predicted in past blog posts, the White House is already abusing their evaluation system to encourage “preferable” behaviors and punish “problematic” behaviors of colleges and universities. Colleges and Universities who do not participate in Title IV federal financial aid are not even included on the site.

Fox News reports: 

The scorecard, which ranks schools by an index designed to demonstrate “bang for buck,” evaluated more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Left off the list were such well-known conservative schools as Michigan’s Hillsdale College — ranked in the top 75 by U.S. News and World Report — and Pennsylvania’s Grove City College. Also omitted were Wyoming Catholic College, Idaho’s New Saint Andrews College and Christendom College in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

“This scorecard is nothing more than a justification of some bureaucrat’s job and an attempt to manipulate the data to make it appear such independent institutions aren’t up to snuff,” said Kyle Olson, founder of higher education news website EAGnews.org. “As we’ve seen the administration attack for-profit schools, they will discredit any school that operates differently than they see fit.”

… “Such a scorecard designed by statists will naturally cast independent private institutions in a negative light,” Olson said. “That’s either intentional or is byproduct of the schools’ unwillingness to play by the statists’ rules. Parents and prospective students don’t need any seal of approval from President Obama or some DOE bureaucrat to decide whether a school is good or not. The prospective student and his or her parents can make that determination just fine.”

The federal government already engineers social behaviors through regulations and the tax code, now higher education is no different. This slight can serve as a reminder for other private sectors that if you take money from the government, you also have to take their calls. And if you don’t take money from the government, then you’re not invited to their birthday party! (…or something equally as immature as snubbing you from their college scorecard.)