Why Does Hillary Clinton Still Have Her Security Clearance?

hillary clinton

Traditionally, if government employees -of any rank- are accused of abusing their government security clearances, their access is suspended pending the conclusion of an investigation. Which leads me to ask, why is Hillary Clinton getting a free pass?

McClatchy DC reports:

Hillary Clinton retains a security clearance allowing her access to classified information despite an FBI inquiry into her handling of sensitive government information on the private email account she used during her tenure as secretary of state. Clinton, like other top officials appointed by the president, kept her clearance after she left office in 2013, according to a recent letter from Assistant Secretary of State Julia Frifield to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley.

While Clinton has kept her clearance, it’s common practice to suspend them while an investigation or internal inquiry is ongoing, according to some national security experts on Capitol Hill and in private practice. Others say a clearance could be suspended at any time after allegations are made if officials are concerned about the government’s secrets.

“Whether you’re a member of the military, a high-ranking executive branch official or anybody else with a security clearance, people should be treated equally,” said Grassley, R-Iowa. “If rank-and-file military and intelligence community employees have their clearances suspended during security investigations, then senior officials should not get any special exemptions.”

… “If this were a normal employee, it would be entirely routine to temporarily suspend their access pending investigation,” said Bradley Moss, a Washington lawyer who handles national security information.

I don’t care what your last name is. Rising in the political ranks does not make you above the law, or immune to accountability. Hillary Clinton broke the law and compromised sensitive national intelligence, and then had the audacity to lie about it over and over again with no expressed remorse.

The only clearance Hillary Clinton should have is into a federal courtroom where she can answer to criminal charges like officials in the past who committed the same or similar offenses.