Another EPA Spill in Colorado? Seriously?

EPA spill

There has been a second toxic spill in Colorado, and the EPA is to blame. Again.

What’s more, EPA officials mismanaged the spill and withheld information from the public in a timely manner. Again.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency is dealing with another spill at a mine cleanup site in Colorado, as 2,000 gallons of wastewater spilled into a creek supplying drinking water. Officials from Crested Butte said in a statement that the wastewater and gray-colored sediment spilled out of a holding pond at the Standard Mine near the town.

The spill happened mid-day on Tuesday, but the statement didn’t come until Thursday. The Denver Post reported the EPA notified public works officials immediately after the spill but did not tell residents. The town’s mayor wasn’t told until Thursday and the EPA didn’t acknowledge the spill, despite the paper’s questioning for more than 24 hours, until Thursday.

There seem to be 3 kinds of bureaucrats in the federal government:

  1. Those who abuse their position to advance a political agenda (see: Lois Lerner at the IRS)
  2. Those who don’t try to do much of anything (see: the VA scandal)
  3. Those who try hard, but are too incompetent to fulfill their responsibilities

It looks like the EPA officials in Colorado might fall into the third category. Regardless of the fact that the EPA does not have the constitutional authority to micromanage carbon emissions and tell the private sector how to run their businesses in the first place, the real question is this: are they even capable of completing the tasks they’ve assigned themselves?

If history is any indication, the best thing for Colorado’s environment would be for the EPA to take a seat…