Guess How Many Miles These Academics Traveled to a 1-Hour Climate Change Meeting?


Sometimes, reality is even better than satire. In this case, 3 climate change academics produced a carbon footprint -in a single day- the size of 20% of the average American’s annual footprint. And they did so by traveling to a strategy session about… reducing carbon footprints.

The icing on the cake: the meeting lasted a single hour. It could have easily been a conference call.

The Daily Caller reports:

Two taxpayer-funded college presidents and the president of America’s largest university-based climate alliance traveled a combined 8,426 miles this week to meet for slightly over an hour to discuss strategies for carbon reduction… The meeting lasted one hour, seven minutes and 21 seconds, according to the YouTube video which captured it for posterity.

Speakers at the meeting included Ball State University president Paul Ferguson, Portland State University president Wim Wiewel and Tim Carter, the president of Second Nature, a Boston, Mass.-based coalition of colleges dedicated to fighting climate change.

… According to The New York Times, a 5,810-mile round-trip flight from San Francisco to New York generates a warming effect equal to 2 or 3 tons of carbon dioxide per passenger. Collectively, then, the two college presidents and the president of the carbon-reduction group created about 4 tons of carbon dioxide with their 8,426 miles of travel. By way of comparison, a typical American generates approximately 19 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Thus, in a single day, the three carbon-fighting academics produced as much carbon dioxide as a single American normally takes 11 weeks to produce.

Everyone has the right to use planes, trains, and automobiles to get where they need to go. These academics are no different. But that’s exactly the point. Progressives always consider themselves exempted from the rules and lifestyle regulations they try to push on others. Simply put: they’re hypocrites, and they got busted!