How Many GOP Voters Really Believe Trump Will Be the Nominee?

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Early in the GOP primary, reporters and pundits were quick to write off Donald Trump as an unserious contender for the nomination. If you are one of those naysayers, the latest polling numbers may shock you.

According to Rasmussen Reports: 

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 74% of Likely Republican Voters believe Trump is likely to end up as the GOP nominee, with 34% who say it is Very Likely. The overall finding is a 16-point jump from a week ago and up eight points from Trump’s previous high among Republicans of 66% in early September. This is also the highest number to date who see a Trump nomination as Very Likely.

… Among all likely voters, 57% say Trump is likely to be the Republican presidential nominee, with 22% who view it as Very Likely. Both these findings are also record highs since Rasmussen Reports began the weekly Trump Change survey in mid-August.

… In a hypothetical matchup between the two, Trump and Clinton are in a near tie, but a sizable 22% prefer some other candidate.

It’s important to note that these are not favorable ratings. Just because a person believes a candidate is going to be the nominee, doesn’t mean that person plans to support that nominee.  But still, like him or not, voters on both sides of the aisle consider Trump to be a legitimate contender for the White House.