Ted Cruz is Polling Higher Than Jeb Bush

ted cruz

The most recent political polling sends a loud and clear message to the GOP presidential primary field: Americans are sick and tired of governing by political dynasty.

The Weekly Standard reports:

The latest Pew poll shows that Jeb Bush has fallen to 4 percent in the Republican field. Donald Trump leads the field with 25 percent; Ben Carson is at 16 percent. Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio are tied for third at 8 percent of the Republican field.

The Real Clear Politics national average has Bush at 9%, but this is still really bad news for Jeb. The Republican base is sick of voting over and over again for entrenched leadership who break their promises on the first day they enter office.

They are ready for new blood, and it’s no coincidence that the Top 5 polling results in the field are either non-politicians, or junior Senators.