What Did Joe Biden Think of the Democratic Debate?

Joe Biden

There was one noticeable absence on the CNN debate stage last night: Vice President Joe Biden, who is not formally running for president, but currently polling at 17.4% (which puts him in the top 3 Democrat presidential favorites -above 3 of the other candidates on the debate stage- without even trying).

So what did the Number Three Pick think of the debate?

Politico reports:

Joe Biden is playing it very safe when talking about last night’s Democratic presidential debate.

“I thought every one of those folks did well. Thanks,” the vice president said when asked about his thoughts on Tuesday’s prime-time event, according to a press pool report.

Biden, who has yet to announce whether he’ll enter the race, kept people guessing until almost the last minute as to whether he would participate in the debate. CNN even had a lectern waiting in the wings in case he decided to show up.

Biden is going to have to decide if he is jumping in the race sooner, rather than later. There is clearly a demand for his candidacy, but if he waits too long and Hillary keeps giving strong debate performances, he might miss his window.

There’s only so many times the proverbial guy can ask a girl to dance and get rejected before he stops asking…. if he keeps playing coy, Biden’s run as the “belle of the ball” might be coming to an end.