Who Raised More Money this Quarter: Bernie or Hillary?

Bernie Sanders

Remember when people called Bernie Sanders the fringe candidate who had no shot of being a formidable opponent to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary?

This quarter, it looks like Bernie is laughing all the way to the bank.

The Associated Press reports:

The Vermont senator’s campaign says he has raised about $26 million for his presidential campaign in the past three months. Coming mostly from small donations given online, the sum underscores the draw of his insurgent campaign among the grassroots of the Democratic Party.

Clinton’s campaign, in its own announcement Wednesday, said she had taken in $28 million. Most of it came from fundraisers hosted by big donors across the country. Many took place in the traditionally Democratic treasure chests of Manhattan and Hollywood. She raised at least $19 million from about 60 events where admission typically cost $2,700, the biggest donation allowed by law.

This is a pretty incredible feat, considering Sanders has refused the help of many Super PAC groups who do not have to abide by individual donation caps. Sanders and Clinton have hosted 7 and 110 “traditional fundraisers” since April, respectively, driving home the difference between their campaign styles.

I guess it could always be worse for Hillary? Joe Biden could have announced his candidacy today…..