Another Terrorist Attack Thwarted in Germany?

germany hanover stadium

Another terror plot may have been thwarted in Germany today approximately 90 minutes before a Germany vs. Holland soccer game, thanks to the vigilance and quick response from German police.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

German authorities canceled a highly anticipated soccer game between the German and Netherlands national teams less than two hours before it was to start because of a security threat. A security official said the decision was made because of a “concrete threat.” Elite tactical police units were on the scene in Hannover, the official said. The Hannover police chief said authorities feared that a bomb would be set off inside the stadium.

“We received a serious tip that an explosive attack was planned for the stadium,” Hannover police chief Volker Kluwe said in an interview on ARD public television.

In recent days officials had decided against canceling Tuesday’s match despite terrorism fears in the wake of the Paris attacks, some of which took place outside a Germany-France soccer friendly. Chancellor Angela Merkel and other top German officials were to attend Tuesday’s game. Police evacuated the stadium and the surrounding area. Outside, on the street, police were exhorting people to leave, according to television footage from Hannover.

“Please immediately make your way home,” the police said over the loudspeakers. “There is no reason for you to stay here any longer.”

There are also reports that an ambulance filled with explosives was discovered near the stadium, but we are still waiting for that to be confirmed.

Update: The Telegraph is posting updates in real-time as the story continues to unfold. You can follow along here. 

Update: No explosives have been found near Hannover stadium or in the city surrounding as of 20:54 local time, according to German interior.