Are U.S. Soldiers “Ready for Hillary?”


Are U.S. soldiers “Ready for Hillary” in 2016? Not exactly.

According to Rasmussen Reports:

Hillary Clinton is still in line to win the Democratic Party’s nomination to be the next commander in chief, but few Americans in the military have a good impression of her.

A new RallyPoint/Rasmussen Reports national survey of active and retired military personnel finds that only 15% have a favorable opinion of Clinton, with just three percent (3%) who view the former secretary of State Very Favorably. Clinton is seen unfavorably by 81%, including 69% who share a Very Unfavorable impression of her. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

…Twenty-seven percent (27%) of military women share a favorable opinion of Clinton, compared to 12% of men.

Unfavorables of over 80% send a message to the American people loud and clear: members of the armed forces do not want Hillary Clinton as their Commander in Chief.

And why would they? Between Benghazi, Hillary’s reckless disregard for national security by using a private email server, and her recent comments that the VA problems aren’t as bad as they sound, Hillary has proven time and time again that she is tone deaf when it comes to our military and national security.