BREAKING: Terror Attack in the West Bank Kills at Least 5, Including 1 American

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In breaking news, a terror attack in the West Bank has killed at least 5 people, including 1 American tourist. It is being reported that some of the wounded are Americans, as well.

Fox News reports: 

An 18-year-old American tourist has been identified as one of the victims shot and killed by a Palestinian terrorist Thursday in the West Bank, Israeli police tell Fox News. The shooting and a separate, earlier knife attack in Tel Aviv Thursday left at least five people dead, and two suspects – both identified as Palestinians — were in custody, according to Israeli media reports.

The attacks took place a day after the one-year anniversary of the brutal killings of five worshippers — including three Americans — inside a Jerusalem synagogue by two Palestinians armed with meat cleavers and a gun. In the West Bank, at least three people were killed and three others were wounded after a Palestinian terrorist opened fire from his vehicle on cars stuck in a traffic jam in Gush Etzion, the Jerusalem Post reports. One of the other West Bank victims who died was an Israeli man in his 50s, a father of four according to local media.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu had strong words to say following the tragic incident:

The murderous terror has struck Gush Etzion and Tel Aviv,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, according to Ynetnews. “My heart is with the families of the murdered and I send my wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded. Whoever condemned the attacks in France needs to condemn the attacks in Israel. It’s the same terror. Whoever does not do this is a hypocrite and blind.”

Waiting to hear from President Obama to publicly condemn the shooting as an act of terror and to pledge unity with Israel in the fight against Islamic extremism…..