Embarrassing Emails Show How Desperate This Reporter Was to Get an Interview with Chelsea Clinton

Embarrassing emails surfaced this week that confirm what we all already know to be true: the liberal media bends over backwards to accommodate Democratic politicians and the Clinton Machine, while holding Republicans to an infinitely higher standard.

TheBlaze reports:

Newly released emails obtained by Gawker reportedly show just how far Politico’s chief White House correspondent Mike Allen was willing to go to secure an interview with Chelsea Clinton.

In the emails exchanged between Allen and a former State Department staffer, the veteran journalist offered a “no-risk” interview and promised to clear his questions with her team in advance.

“The interview would be ‘no-surprises’: I would work with you on topics, and would start with anything she wants to cover or make news on. Quicker than a network hit, and reaching an audience you care about with no risk,” Allen wrote in an email to then-State Department official Philippe Reines.

What a pal.

Complete versions of the pathetic emails can be read here.