Here’s What to Watch in Tonight’s GOP Debate

GOP debate

It would be hard to do a worse job managing the GOP debate tonight than CNBC, so the bar is set pretty low for the Fox Business hosts tonight. But one thing is for certain- this election cycle has turned primary debates into must-watch television.

Politico has put together a list of the “Top 5 Things to Watch” in tonight’s GOP debate.

Here’s a quick preview:

A Bush-Cruz tag-team?

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are starkly different candidates – one an establishment favorite with a patrician pedigree, the other a tea party bomb-thrower who’s made a career out of antagonizing leaders of his own party. Yet, on Tuesday night, they may end up being debate partners.

… Trump vs. Carson

Those who’ve followed Donald Trump’s debate style closely have noticed a distinct pattern. Near the start of each debate, the real estate developer and television celebrity will open with a “big blast” against one of his rivals. In the first showdown, it was directed at Rand Paul. In the second, at Jeb Bush. And in the third go-round, at John Kasich.
This time, his target seems certain: Ben Carson.

… Fox Business’s time to shine

Nearly two weeks after CNBC stumbled, Fox Business, a newer and less established business network with a smaller viewership, has an opportunity to prove itself as a debate host.
Those who have been briefed on the network’s plans say it wants its debate to be what CNBC’s wasn’t: Policy-focused and chaos-free.

See what the other 2 things to watch are at Politico here. 

What are you looking out for tonight? Any predictions? Let us know in the comments below!