MSNBC Hosts Call Obama “Disconnected From Reality” on ISIS

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You know it’s bad when even MSNBC hosts are calling President Obama “disconnected from reality.”

Morning Joe hosts and commentators went off on the President’s press conference in Turkey this week, calling it “shocking,” “baffling,” and “bizarre.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports: 

The Washington Post called [Obama] “petulant-sounding,” and liberal columnist Eugene Robinson called Obama “all wrong” in how he came across in response to the attacks.

“It was shocking,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said. “And the reaction from the people I spoke with across the ideological divide and people that worked for other governments that are on the front line in this battle find it shocking that what the French declare as an act of war, the president calls a setback … He was clearly irritated through the entire press conference, and I think most frightening is the fact that he seems disconnected from reality. The reality on the ground in Paris. The reality on the ground in Syria.”

….Obama’s tone appeared to only get fiery Monday when he responded to GOP critics of his policies and opponents to accepting Syrian refugees into the country.

….“I head that, that the only time he ever showed passion was when he was attacking Republicans, not when he was talking about ISIS. It’s bizarre,” Scarborough said. Liberal commentator Mike Barnicle added that his sources say that Obama has been repeatedly informed by advisers that his anti-IS campaign is failing.

This is not the time for Obama to get defensive and double down on the wrong ideas. He has proven to be tone deaf and preachy, rather than expressing the strength, pragmatism, and self-awareness required to be an effective commander-in-chief.

You can watch the Morning Joe segment here:

(h/t: Washington Free Beacon)