College Students Want to Ban This Christmas Song from the Radio

white christmas

These days, college campuses are where free speech and independent thoughts go to die.

Dan Joseph at MRCtv decided to see how far he could take that premise, asking college students to sign a petition banning the Christmas song “White Christmas” from the radio. Not surprisingly, here is what he found: 

Last week, I presented some college students with a petition urging radio stations to stop playing the holiday classic “White Christmas” because the song only focuses on “White” Christmases. This clearly makes it racially insensitive, since it completely ignores Christmases of other colors.

Students were all too willing to check their privilege and take a stand against Bing Crosby’s racially charged micro-aggression.

You can watch the video for yourself here:

As anybody who has ever been to a frat house can attest, the stupidity of a college student knows no bounds.