Guess who Obama is Blaming for the San Bernardino Shooting

Obama San Bernardino

It’s not even surprising anymore. Radicalized Islamists murder innocent people in the name of Allah, and our President finds something – anything – to blame other than the truth.

His favorite target? Gun lovers.

Yes, you Second Amendment loving Constitutionalist, you. According to the President of the United States, YOU are responsible for the San Bernardino shooting. Because if you would stop getting in the way with your pesky gun facts, his administration could enforce gun control, and terrorists and criminals wouldn’t be able to act. (And no, Paris’ strict gun regulations aren’t relevant to the conversation.)

Here’s President Obama’s address to the nation following the attack where he says it’s “possible” the shooters were radicalized:

And here’s White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest to let us all know what if we could just pass gun control, bad things would stop happening in the world:



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