Here’s a List of People Who Should Have Been Fired from the VA, But Weren’t

It’s been over a year and a half since the VA scandal broke, and the department still has no discipline or accountability to show for it.

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs recently grilled VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson for misleading Americans by overstating the number of VA employees who were fired or disciplined for manipulating schedules and wait times.

According to The Daily Caller, there is a long list of people who received a “get out of jail free” card:

The VA’s employee disciplinary record is atrocious. Miller provided a small list of some of the most noxious examples.

In Louisiana, a VA nursing assistant is charged with manslaughter. At first, VA officials tried to brush off the death as accidental. A coroner contradicted their findings, resulting in legal charges. However, that employee has remained on paid leave for two years since December 2013.

The VA has not successfully disciplined a single employee in Phoenix as a result of the wait-time manipulation scandal.

…Despite the fact that the Denver hospital has run a billion dollars over budget, the VA has not held a single employee responsible through discipline. Officials responsible for the project received major bonuses, instead, and the VA continually refuses to release the results of an investigation to Congress on this issue.

In West Virginia at the Martinsburg VA medical center, the department declined to appropriately discipline an employee who dealt heroin off-site.

Heroin? Come on, man.

The list goes on, and rather than holding dishonest employees accountable, VA executives are actually paying themselves raises and bonuses. The VA is a bloated and complacent bureaucracy and our veterans deserve better.

The question is, how long are they going to wait before somebody actually does something to fix the problem?