Illegals Brag About How Easy it is to Sneak into America


Illegal immigrants are getting a free pass into the United States, and some have even taken to social media to brag about it.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Department of Homeland Security has told Congress that for the past six years it has deported just six percent of youths who entered the country illegally, an enormous policy failure that illegal immigrants are seizing on to encourage friends and relatives to raid the border.

Getting into the United States is so easy, and staying here a cinch, that illegals are even telling U.S. Border Patrol officials that they know they will be freed and are using social media to send home photos of their “permisos,” documents that set them free.

“Border Patrol agents have confirmed that the new arrivals are saying that they know they will be released after they are processed,” said Jessica M. Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. “They have heard this from family and friends who have gone before and shared their experience. They use social media to communicate this, sometimes even texting pictures of what they call their ‘permiso,’ which is the document they get showing them to appear for a court date years in the future,” she told Secrets.

This is the inevitable result of a lawless Obama administration. If our own government continues to send the message that they don’t care about enforcing our laws, what’s the incentive for illegals to follow the law?

Border security starts with electing representatives who actually care about enforcing the laws of our land.