Supreme Court Will Tackle Abortion, Immigration, Affirmative Action in 2016

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will be hearing a bunch of cases in 2016 that should have a major impact on the political climate leading into the presidential election.

According to the Duluth News Tribune:

But with justices closely split along ideological lines, the cases are likely to yield a series of 5-4 decisions and make clear the next president’s appointees could tip the law sharply to the right or left. Here are the major cases due for decision by June 2016.


The court will decide whether Texas can enforce two regulations that would force about three-fourths of the state’s abortion clinics to shut down.

… Affirmative action

The court’s conservatives believe the Constitution and the civil rights laws forbid schools and colleges from admitting students based on their race, and they would like to strike down affirmative action policies that favor some applicants over others based on their race or ethnicity.

… Immigration

The fate of Obama’s broadest effort to shield immigrants from deportation rests with the justices. His lawyers are appealing rulings by a judge in Texas and the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans, which blocked Obama’s latest immigration action from taking effect.

Other cases include contraceptives, voting districts, and union fees.

These are all hot button issues that will undoubtedly shape the national conversation in the critical months leading to Election Day.

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