Watch This Veteran’s Reaction When an NYU Lecturer Tells Him Islamic Terrorists “Are Becoming More Like Americans”

veteran cnn interview

You need to have experience to be an expert, and sometimes it takes an Army veteran to put an NYU lecturer in his place when it comes to national security and the war on terror.

Mediaite reports:

Arun Kundnani, author of The Muslims Are Coming!, claimed that “since 9/11, far more people have died in far right-wing terrorist attacks than in terrorism carried out by Muslims.” Trump surrogate Scottie Hughes interrupted, calling Kundnani’s assertion “false,” and conservative writer Kurt Schlichter shook his head in disbelief.

That’s when the New York University lecturer made his second point.

“Let’s look at Muslim terrorism. Notice that main trend that we’re seeing in Muslim terrorism is Muslims no longer focusing on planes when they commit acts of terrorism. They’re carrying out mass shootings. In other words, Muslim terrorists are becoming more like Americans. They’re integrating into American gun culture, and they’re becoming more like you.”

So just to be clear, this NYU “expert” in Muslim terrorism is saying that U.S. gun culture is to blame for acts of terror- not the radical Islamic agenda. Or mental health. Or the reality that evil people do evil things.

U.S. Army veteran Kurt Schlichter had the perfect response to a comment so ignorant and uninformed. Watch it at the 6:10 mark here: