Bill Clinton is Back… And Donald Trump is Really Happy About It

bill clinton

Bill Clinton has been sitting quietly on the sidelines while Hillary makes one campaign blunder after another. But not anymore.

Clinton gave his long-awaited first solo campaign speech at Nashua Community College in New Hampshire, approximately 1 month before the NH primary.

According to the NY Daily News:

Former President Bill Clinton kicked off his first solo campaign event for his wife, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, with a knock on her Republican competitors. “Every presidential election, people run. And believe it or not, it’s kind of scary this year,” the former commander-in-chief said during the first of his two rallies Monday in the critical early-voting state.

… Clinton, who has largely taken a back seat on the campaign trail thus far, appeared without his wife — who was holding her own rallies in Iowa Monday — marking his first solo appearance of the campaign.

Believe it or not, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is happy that Bill Clinton is back in the spotlight. Trump believes it gives him more opportunities to attack the former President’s character (or lack thereof), and will ultimately weaken the Clinton political machine.

“She used the word ‘sexist,'” Trump said [ during a CNN interview] of an attack line Hillary Clinton has used against him. “How the hell can she do that when she has one of the great woman abusers of all time waiting for her at the house for dinner,” Trump added, referring to Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton’s appearance is a clear sign that Hillary’s camp is worried about her numbers in New Hampshire.

Real Clear Politics polling averages show that socialist candidate Bernie Sanders is actually leading Hillary in New Hampshire, 49% to 44.7%, respectively.

Voters are growing tired of governing by political dynasty. The Clinton’s underestimated the viability of candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, just like they underestimated the political power of Barack Obama.

One thing is for sure though- the Clinton Machine doesn’t give up without a fight. It should be interesting to see what they do next. I wouldn’t expect them to pull any punches.