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German Official wants Police to Shoot Migrants Entering Country Illegally

Maybe somebody needs to build Germany a wall… and get the Syrian government to pay for it?

As the refugee crisis continues to dominate the headlines in Europe, we have a new story today from Germany. The head of one of Germany’s political parties known as AdF, Frauke Petry, suggested German police should be able to use all force necessary – even lethal – to prohibit further illegal entry into the country.

As reported by the AP,

In Germany, the vice chancellor called for a nationalist party to be put under observation by the government agency that tracks extremists after its leader suggested that police should be allowed to shoot refugees trying to enter the country.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told Bild newspaper that “there is massive doubt that (the Alternative for Germany party) stand by the free democratic order of the republic.”

Frauke Petry, the head of the party also known by its German initials AfD, told the Mannheimer Morgen daily on Saturday that a border police officer “must stop illegal border crossings, and also make use of his firearm if necessary.” Pushed by the newspaper for more, she continued that “no policeman wants to fire on a refugee and I don’t want that either. But the last resort includes the use of armed force.”

Germany saw nearly 1.1 million asylum-seekers enter the country last year and the AfD has been gaining in support as more people question whether the government will be able to deal with the influx.

Joerg Radek, vice chairman of the GdP police union, slammed Petry’s suggestion, saying no German police officer would shoot at a refugee.

“Whoever proposes such a radical approach apparently wants to overturn the rule of law and exploit the police,” he said in a statement.

I’m confused. Apparently suggesting the use of force to protect your border disregards the law and exploits the police… but actually entering the country illegally is somehow not disregarding the law or exploiting police?
How many thefts and sexual assaults by illegals are too many? At what point will Germany and its people stand up for themselves? Let us know your thoughts on Europe’s refugee situation in the comments below.

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