How Many People Knew Hillary Was Using a Private Email Address?

Hillary phone

How many people in the State Department were aware that Hillary Clinton was secretly using a private email server?

The Washington Examiner reports:

By the final year of Hillary Clinton’s stint as secretary of state, dozens of senior State Department officials were aware Clinton used a personal email account to conduct official business. However, Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s then-chief of staff, oversaw the suppression of a Freedom of Information Act request that sought information about Clinton’s private email accounts while Clinton was still in office.

The findings came in an inspector general report made public Thursday that blasted the agency for its sloppy handling of FOIA requests made to the secretary of state’s office, from the time of Madeleine Albright to John Kerry.

…”[I]t does not appear that [the secretary’s office] searched any email records, even though the request clearly encompassed emails,” the inspector general wrote.

Not only was the State Department aware of Hillary’s private email server, but some employees took active measures to delay the disclosure of email exchanges, all the while using Hillary’s private email to communicate with her.

This was a department-wide effort to cover up behavior that compromised the national security of the United States. Anybody withholding information from a FOIA request or failing to report Hillary’s private email use should be identified and prosecuted.