Podcast: Why is Hillary’s Campaign Struggling?

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If you haven’t checked it out already, Dr. Tom Borelli and I have posted a new podcast on Conservative Review which addresses the 2016 presidential election, specifically Hillary Clinton’s struggling campaign. Hillary Clinton is more of the same, and polls show that even Democrats are sick of the status quo.

As I wrote on Conservative Review:

The latest polls have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a very tight race in the first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. Clinton’s failure to take a commanding lead could be tied to the overall mood of the country where Americans are distrustful of politicians and feel that too many are in politics to serve themselves and not the public interest.

Clinton’s decision to create her own email system is an example of serving personal interest over national interest. Adding to that backdrop is the never-ending controversy surrounding Clinton’s emails where the latest incident revealed she asked a staffer to send classified information over a non-secure system. The FBI is also looking into the possibility of public corruption charges surrounding the connection between State Department giving favorable decisions to Clinton Foundation donors.

You can listen to our full podcast here: